A New Method for a Tighter Big Band! THE BIG BAND BIBLE

A New Method for a Tighter Big Band! THE BIG BAND BIBLE

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For all Musicians/Educators/Directors


Have the tightest Big Band imaginable! With over 30 years of experience as a Big Band leader and clinician, Mats has produced a unique and definitive method on Big Band rehearsal and performance techniques for both players and directors that includes a "New Language" with around 350 terms and definitions.

 When everyone understands the simple and universal rules for accents, timing, dynamics, lead playing, etc… those rules can be applied to every chart thereby minimizing the amount of time needed to rehearse each chart individually and creating a performance that is flawless and tight!

 Also explained in depth, are tips and techniques for setting up, making good sounding recordings (studio and live), dealing with subs, dealing with travel considerations, choosing the right set lists, dealing with various personalities in the band, choosing and blending the right personnel, and working with band members individually and as a group,

 In addition, Mats shares his expertise on how to work in areas such as overcoming instrumental technical problems and issues, playing together in sections and as a whole, and an instrument-by-instrument breakdown of the responsibilities of the rhythm section, and much more!

 If you buy one book on Big Band directing and playing, make it this one!

"I learned a lot!"
David Liebman