Antoine Rayess

Antoine Rayess

Antoine Rayess Rayess is an active music teacher at the National Higher Conservatory of Music in Lebanon. He has a BA in Graphic Design in addition to His Music Studies and diplomas. Currently, he is one of the leading team to teach Music in new approach using Multimedia and Graphical methods using technology and applied techniques in the National Higher Conservatory of Music in Lebanon.

Since 2008 he joined the Lebanese Band Association for the Promotion of Music (LeBAM) where he retains the position of the Assistant Conductor of the LeBAM National Wind Symphony, and he is currently the National Coordinator of LeBAM.

In addition, he earned a Diploma from Trinity College in London, England in Pipe Organ Performance and has directed Marching and Concert Bands since 1996. He attended several Teacher and Conductor training workshops, and many workshops in Instrument Repair at Cambridge (UK), Japan and Dubai where he established his own repair station in Lebanon for woodwinds and Brass instruments.

During Covid period, he travelled to Vienna, Austria, where he attended several workshops in piano regulations and tuning and he is currently one of the piano technicians in Lebanon.

Since 2010, He joined JEA team, where he directed many summer camps, Jazz camps and teacher training workshops in Lebanon.

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