Chris Wabich

Chris Wabich

Chris Wabich is known as a versatile and original voice on the drumset. The variety of artists he works with reflects his diversity as both a musician and a producer. His drumming is heard with Ludacris, Sting, Leonard Cohen, Stanley Jordan, Brian Johnson (AC/DC), Sheila E., Mark Murphy, the Zappa Family, Larry Koonse, Turkish superstar Omar Faruk, Boogsie Sharpe, and Prog Rock legends Kevin Ayers (Soft Machine), Mike Hoffman (Tony Williams Lifetime), Richard Sinclair (Caravan).

A few soundtracks he’s performed on include “Malcolm in the Middle”, “American Idol”, “Better Homes and Gardens,” and IMAX’s “Wild California”. More recently, Chris has been arranging and producing projects including Billboard charting hits for Margo Rey/John Oats (of Hall and Oats), Ty Taylor from Vintage Trouble and the Beatles show, “Both”.

This year Chris launches a new series of intense production and songwriting with Jenny Ing, under the name BichNG productions. Chris is also the Director of World Percussion and Drumkit at the University of Arizona, Tucson.

Chris is a Cadeson Drum Set Artist.

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