Masaru Uchibori

Masaru Uchibori

Masaru Uchibori was born in Tokyo, Japan, and began playing the trombone in the high school concert band. At the same time, he took a trombone lesson with Kiyoshi Oishi. After entering the Faculty of Economics at Chuo University in Tokyo, he was active performing in a jazz band. At the same time, he also studied jazz theory from Sadao Watanabe.

After graduating, he worked as a professional trombone player in many studios, television, concerts, big bands, etc. around Tokyo.

From 1974 to 76, he studied Berklee College of Music in Boston on a special scholarship award. At Berklee his composition and arrangement teachers were Herb Pomeroy, Michael Gibbs, Ted Pease, and many others. His classical teacher of trombone was John Coffey, a member of the Boston Symphony Orch.

After returning to Japan as a freelance arranger and performer. At the same time, he leads his own big band. Masaru has released two albums “Wayne” and “A Dedication To Jazz Giants”

He has contributed to Jimmy Scott, Helen Merrill, Carol Sloane, Bob Hope and many other TV shows, concerts, Japanese jazz and pop singers, big bands, concert bands.

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