Jazz Composition and Arranging

Jazz Composition and Arranging

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Tom Boras


Composition and Arranging


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JAZZ COMPOSITION AND ARRANGING is a comprehensive introduction to the skills and techniques necessary for producing a successful composition and arranging project. Drawing on Boras' background as a professional composer and musician, his text focuses on the concepts underlying instrumental writing, rather than on stylistic concerns -- approaching the subject by integrating both narrative and music examples. These examples illustrate the harmonic and melodic practices that are prevalent in today's contemporary jazz music scene. In particular, the text focuses on presenting voice-leading tendencies in a number of different contexts: line writing, bass line construction, voicing procedures, and scoring textures. Equally appropriate for upper-level music majors and professional musicians, JAZZ COMPOSITION AND ARRANGING combines the basic elements of jazz so that both arrangers and composers gain a full understanding of the subject.