The Jazz Musician's Guide to Creative Practicing

The Jazz Musician's Guide to Creative Practicing

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David Berkman


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Finally someone has written a book on what jazz musicians need most - a way to approach practicing that actually makes the best use of your valuable time!

In this landmark book, cutting-edge NY pianist and recording artist David Berkman shows you how to make practicing interesting and enjoyable by breaking problems into manageable tasks that you can easily master!

Filled with hundreds and hundreds of concrete things to work on, along with funny jazz anecdotes illustrating the ideas presented, The Jazz Musician's Guide to Creative Practicing covers many of the things you need in order to be a complete jazz musician

Topics covered include:
  • Basic jazz theory, clearly explained
  • How to make scale and arpeggio practicing fun and relevant to playing tunes
  • How to effectively add chromatic approach notes and upper structure triads to your solo lines.
  • How to practice tunes like “Body And Soul”, “Giant Steps” or rhythm changes and get better at the whole tune by mastering individual aspects of it.
  • How to improve your ability to swing, to play in odd meters and to play with different rhythmic feels.
  • How to play fast without losing your ability to make the notes sing.
  • 154 pages, plus a CD download of David demonstrating many of the ideas presented!