10 Jazz Duets for Alto Sax

10 Jazz Duets for Alto Sax

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Alfons Carrascosa


Sax Duet book


Medium Advanced


I wrote these duets with the intention of going further than harmonize a leading voice.  I tried to give mobility and prominence to each one of the voices through the counterpoint, using rhythmic and melodic lines, tension-release balance...

I have tried to produce a demanding content to motivate students and to become an attractive pedagogical tool to middle grade teachers.

The book includes a play along that helps us to work with duets from different perspectives, whether working with a leading-voice, emphasizing the section work, tuning, tempo, or listening of the rhythmic section alone, and also the opportunity to work with duets without section, which is very interesting.

It is important to work on the articulation, mainly when you play together as a duet.

The book's repertoire is based on original tunes and harmonic progressions from some jazz standards, working from our own melodies.

I hope you enjoy it!