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Alive VII
Alive VII
Alive VII
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Alive VII

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UNC's Jazz Lab I year 1987-1988

Over the past few years I have had the opportunity to travel the country to perform with and give guidance to many institutions of music offering programs in the jazz and commercial music fields. In my mind there is no better program than that which is found at the University of Northern Colorado. This marvelous and varied collection of pieces performed by UNC’s Jazz Lab Band I offers undisputed proof of the job that Gene Aitken has done in educating his young flame keepers.

 I think the first thing that one may very well be surprised with is the fact that this recording, as all previous albums, was done live...that’s right, live! The level of professionalism needed to pull this off in this day and age is mind-boggling. However, the musicians in Lab I have made it sound routine. The discipline required to record in a studio is high; believe me. And there are many albums out there to prove the advantages of studio recording. But captured here on this album is the real thing. The excitement, the emotion, it’s all there. One listen here says to me, “Who needs studio trickery when a band plays this well?”

When Purchase this CD, you will receive all the tracks from the CD plus the CD booklet insert. 



Kim Gast, Matt Johnson, Dan Gailey, Kirk Vogel, Todd Wilkinson


Mark Wamhoff, Mike Krueger, Ed Nelson, Dane Heuchemer, Kevin Navarro, *Stan Baran, ** Mark Israe


Mike Buckley, Nat Wickham, David Glenn, Brad Schmidt, Ray Heberer

Rhythm Section

 Dan Geisler, Piano; Karyn Quinn, Bass; Dave Rohlf, Drums; Scott Collins, Percussion; **Mike Hutton, Vibraphone


Lady Your Cow's on Fire

Child's Play


In Memorium Bwana Dik

The Bop Brothers Beach Party


A Salute to Elvis Costello


The First Circle