7 Jazz Solos Duets for Alto Sax - Intermediate

7 Jazz Solos Duets for Alto Sax - Intermediate

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Alfons Carrascosa


Sax Duet book


Easy Medium


This collection of 21 jazz etudes based on progressions of seven jazz standards contains a first voice that works as a solo and a second voice for each level. In these solos, with great pedagogical character, there is a progress in the jazz language, working in melodic, harmonic and rhythmic contents that are typical in this kind of music.

There are three volumes with 7 etudes each.  Basic and intermediate levels have a second voice included, and advanced book comes without the second voice. This second voice allow us to work in section, with parallel harmonization and counterpoint technics, practising also to be in tune, phrasing and articulation.

All the etudes include audio files with five possibilities:

- Only rhythmic section

- Rhythmic section + voice 2

- Rhythmic section + voice 1

- Rhythmic section + voice 1 and 2

- voice 1+ voice 2 without rhythmic section.

The use of the different possibilities will depend on the performer/student, following teacher recommendations.

To a deeper study on the improvisation, it will be convenient to practice only the 1st  voice (the solo) together with the rhythmic section. Later it would be also convenient to go in depth with phrasing that we like, chord connections, chromatic approaches, resolutions, etc.

The 21 etudes are available, for the moment, for alto sax, trumpet and clarinet.

Without a doubt, the best school is to listen to the masters, transcribe and study their solos.

This collection is a great way to get into the jazz language and improvisation.