Decoding Afro-Cuban Jazz

Decoding Afro-Cuban Jazz

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Chucho Valdés and Rebeca Mauleón


Percussion book


All Levels


Decoding Afro-Cuban Jazz is, at the same time:

  1. A songbook of the best compositions of the ground-breaking Cuban ‘fusion’ group Irakere,
  2. A thorough guide to the roots and structure of Afro-Cuban jazz in general
  3. An overview of Maestro Valdés’ influences and contributions to the music

A unique treasure for all lovers of Latin music!

Included in this book are:

  • Eleven of Valdés’ most important works, decoded and transcribed
  • Overview of the history of Afro-Cuban music
  • Biographies on Valdés and ground-breaking supergroup Irakere
  • Detailed transcriptions and musical guides
  • Breakdown of Afro-Cuban folkloric and popular rhythms
  • Explanation of the Cuban clave and its function
  • Comprehensive discography and glossary
  • Dozens of exercises and tools for enhanced study
  • Annotated list of compositional works by Maestro Valdés
  • 211 pages of music and text!