Right Hand Driving (w/Audio)

Right Hand Driving (w/Audio)

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Damian Erskine




Medium to Advanced


Right Hand Drive primarily explores Damian's unique, 3-finger, percussive style of using his plucking hand.  It contains a wealth of patterns, grooves and exercises specifically tailored to developing this technique.  Readers are also presented with a myriad of ways to practice combining harmonic and rhythmic exercises and use them to explore harmony in new ways.  Regardless of your chosen techniques, readers will discover how to incorporate them in exciting ways and learn how to create exercises of their own.

"...While introducing this almost flamenco-like method, there are a number of great scale and rhythm exercises included along the way. As the exercises get more complex, different "rudiments" are listed (somewhat based on the category of essential patterns used in drumming), as well as fills, licks, and solos.
The second half is less "eccentric," but just as succinct, creative, and playful as the first. It's one of the best looks at arpeggios, modes, and chords I've seen, with clear explanations that will be helpful and accessible to players at most skill levels."