Syncopation Companion

Syncopation Companion

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Bryan Bowman


Drums book


Intermediate to Advanced


"Bryan Bowman's book is a beautifully useful tool. I am looking forward to utilizing it with my students as well as on my own practice pad.”
— Peter Erskine

  • Syncopation Companion is a unique investigation of Ted Reed's Syncopation. It seeks to recast and reinterpret familiar 8th note rhythmic figures (using half-time 4/4, 8th note triplet, 6/4, and 12/8 interpretations) to expand the possibilities hidden within this legendary sight-reading textbook.
  • This is an integrated approach to rudimental drumming, which involves learning specific sticking formulas and rhythmic treatments of a four-bar phrase, and then activating them by sight-reading through numerous rhythmic etudes in Syncopation.
  • We explore many ways Syncopation can be applied to the drum set within the context of Jazz, Afro Cuban, and Brazilian styles.
  • We do an extensive study of jazz comping possibilities inspired by famous drummers such as Tony Williams, Jack DeJohnette, Roy Haynes, and many others.
  • This book is a launching pad for fun and creative exploration for intermediate to advanced students who are ready to read between the lines of syncopated rhythmic figures.
  • Syncopation Companion is a must-have book for those who seek to improve their rudimental technique, sight-reading, and four-way coordination on the drumset.