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Trumpet Synthesis

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The trumpet, like any other brass instrument, can be difficult. It takes years of proper practice to gain command of the fundamentals.  In order to fully develop, you must adopt a daily maintenance routine. If you are familiar with doing a routine, then you know that the majority of the exercises stem from the classical world and are often done before any music is even played. This method works well for many players and if adopted, can be a valuable aid to your jazz playing.

Trumpet Synthesis is a collection of exercises designed to mesh jazz style with classical technique.  In order for the jazz student to achieve success, jazz style must be incorporated into the fundamentals of trumpet playing, allowing the student to develop stylistically AND musically.

This collection of exercises can be used as a routine in itself, or to augment a pre-existing routine.  The intentions of this book are to:
1. Provide exercises that allow you to develop/maintain jazz style and great technique.
2. Encourage more efficient practice.


Ansyn Banks is on the University of Louisville Jazz Faculty and earned a Bachelor of Music Degree from Ohio Wesleyan University, and a Master of Music Degree in Jazz Studies and a Doctorate of Music in Brass Pedagogy, both from Indiana University.  He has performed with The Mighty Dells, The Temptation, Aretha Franklin, The Four Tops and other R & B artists.