JEN 2022 Reading Session Charts

Hi!  Here you can find the charts that will be played at the Big Band and Vocal Jazz Reading sessions.  Enjoy and come to booth #217 to say Hi!

Click on the cover and scroll down to see the score.
If you click on the title you will be taken to the description and audio of the chart.


Tweeter - Steve Allee - Easy

Thinking Of Count - Steve Allee - Medium Easy

River Road - Bob Washut - Medium

Sneak Out - David von Kampen - Medium

Fire In the Furnace - Jeff Jarvis - Medium Advanced

Alma Vacía- Miguel Blanco - Advanced

The Mayans Were Wrong - Steve Owen - Advanced



Say Ladeo - Treece/McFerrin/Rosler 

Flying - Greg Jasperse 

Wiggle Room - Greg Jasperse

Precedence - Marsh/Dollison  

 Evermore - Rosana Eckert 

Five Minus One - Randy Crenshaw 

Spokane Shuffle - Jeremy Fox 


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